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Myron and "Ottis" ... 4-H Show and Sale, 2014

4-H Projects
A whole year's work wraps up once again ...

   Myron is over six feet tall now ... and walks easy with his buddy "Ottis"  (who is not a small steer by any means).


 Myron's shown such dedication to this project the whole year ... and you can sure see the results.

   This is the day after Ottis was shown ... and Myron still is keeping his steer comfortable!






Husbandry is very important ...

   Myron's done a great job in this department ... Ottis has a hair coat that feels like velvet.  


Good job Myron!

   Myron's steer placed 3rd for market steer.  Quite an achievement for his age ... born late May.  And Myron received 5th place for "Senior Showmanship".  We're pretty proud of you and all your hard work ... and can't wait until you start your next project!



Achievement day for Canim Valley 4-H club ... 2011


   In 2011 four members of the Canim Lake 4-H club showed their steers they got from us ... including Gregory!  Thanks so much guys!              Pictured here are two of them ... Alex's steer on the left of Greg's steer!



   The club held their achievement day on July  23rd ... and even though this has been one of the rainiest years we've seen in the Cariboo, the day turned out to be warm and sunny!

Williams Lake 4-H Show and Sale ... 2011 


   For their show and sale the kids did very well ... and one of the club members even made "Reserve Champion" with his steer, "Mr. Wilson".  Good job Myron!  Everyone worked very hard ... and in my opinion, they're all champions! 


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