Hi-Valley Limousin

Quality Polled Limousin Cattle


Some of our boys enjoying their grub.

About our Beef:

   Our cow base is made up of purebred limousin cattle ... most of them now being registered purebred.  Selling breeding stock was our main objective ... and still is ... but over the years we've sold a lot of our beef, and are amazed at how well it's gone over.  Our customers loved the taste and quality of the meat ... limousin beef is very lean and fine grained ... perfect for the health conscious!  The hamburger is second to none ... when you throw it on the grill it doesn't shrink.  The best part is that our beef is always the same ... a branded purebred product!

We're selling quality you can trust  ... and support our "Limousin" breed. 

Our animals are grown in a clean, happy environment ... and are treated with respect!!!

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