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What's For Sale!

We sell our Limousin breeding stock by "Private Treaty" ... and on this page we'll post an example of some of our offerings.  We have cows for sale, bulls for sale, and everything in between ... most of the time.  If you're interested in anything, please go to "contacts" and get in touch ... we'll be more than happy to help!

"Bulls for Sale"

Our two year olds have all been sold folks, and now we're working on yearlings.  A couple have been sold, and we'll be working on photos for the rest! 

 "Hi-Valley Ben 19E" ... born April 17th, 2017, with a birth weight of 78 pounds.

He's sired by "Madison", and his dam is sired by "Secret Service".  Good looking bull ... like the rest of this group.

"Sold"   to Wayne Gardner ... with thanks!

Up front is "Hi-Valley Brandon 34E"  ... born April 23rd, 2017, with a birth weight of 91 pounds.  Sired by "Madison".  His dam was sired by "Bar Dale Tyler", she's out of our fullblood line.  Good performance bull here.  "Sold" to Brian Dorman.  Thank-you!

"Our boys".

"Ben" on the right.

"Hi-Valley Dude 30E" ... was born April 22nd, 2017, with a birth weight of 71 pounds ... out of a first calf heifer. 

He was sired by "Bossman", and his dam was sired by "Secret Service", out of one of our fullblood cows.  He would make a wonderful heifer bull.

"Sold" to Brian Dorman, with thanks!

Here we have "Hi Valley Trender 36E" ... born on April 24th, 2017, with a birth weight of 79 pounds. 

He was sired by "Madison", and his dam was sired by "Double Take".   This Double Take dam also was the mother of our "Sable 89Y"

"Sold" ... once again to Brian.  Many thanks!

"Hi-Valley Tracker 5E"   Born April 7th, 2017, with a birth weight of 75 pounds.  Tracker was sired by "Madison" ... and out of a "Majesty" sired dam.  He's taller than the rest ... and longer.  You could use him on heifers and cows.

"Sold" ... to Wayne Gardner, again with thanks!

Here's "Tracker", on the left, with his buddies!

We had a strong set of bulls that are now busy working ... thanks everyone!

Our Youngsters!!

Our youngsters are growing too ... they're sires are "Handyman 6D" (sired by "Bossman") ... and "Primetime 14D" (sired by "Wulf's Xtractor").

Click here to view sires!  We have not grained these boys yet ... and they're growing really well.  A quiet group!

Below are some of the bulls that we sold in 2018 ... thanks to some of you we're still here doing what we love.

"Hi-Valley Home Grown 18D"

This boy was born April 10th, 2016, with a birth weight of 72 pounds.  Also sired by "Bossman" ... and out of a "Majesty" sired dam. 

"Hi-Valley Home Grown 18D"

Spoken for ... and will be heading to Courtney, on Vancouver Island".  Thanks once again Jo Smith, of Glen Alwin farm.

"Hi Valley Hogan 27D"

Well ... we've had some pretty nice bulls born last year, and "Hogan" is a prime example of our "Bossman" sired bulls.  Born April 18th, 2016 with a 79 pound birth weight.  He's quite a friendly bull.

Back view of "Hogan"

Sold ... by "Private Treaty".

"Hi-Valley Hired Hand 16D"

"Hired Hand" was sired by "Bossman" ... out of a "Secret Service" mom.  Born April 10th, 2016 with a nice 72 pound birth weight brings it all together. 

Sold! ... by "Private Treaty".

"Hi-Valley Buster 60D"

"Buster" is the youngest in this group ... born June 20th, 2016, with a birth weight of 89 pounds.  His dam is seventeen years old now, and still producing.   His dam's sire was "J.R." (a Nordal Double Hit son)... and this fellow was sired by "Madison".  Double Polled.

Sold ... by "Private Treaty". 

"Hi-Valley Freeman 12D"

Sired by "Bossman" ... out of an "Xtractor" sired mom.  "Freeman" is a nice looking bull that was born with an 84 pound birth weight on April 6th, 2016.  Double Polled.

Photo taken in the spring of 2017

Sold folks  ... by "Private Treaty!  Thanks once again, Cliff and Alyson, of Tatla Lake, B.C.

"Hi-Valley Morgan 49D"

If you're looking for that limo bum ... Morgan has it.  He was born May 9th, 2016 with a birth weight of 76 pounds.  He was sired by "Bossman" and out of a "Secret Service" Mom.  Very quiet!  Double Polled.

Morgan is "Sold" folks. Thank you  Danny and Forest Soles, of Fort Nelson ... you won't be disappointed in this boy!

"Hi-Valley Trailblazer 5D"

This boy is sired by "Madison" ... and out of a "1-Way Just Gorgeous" mom.  "Trailblazer" had a 90 pound birthweight, but was born easy on April 2nd, 2016.  Double Polled.  A little larger framed, but not bad ... this photo gives you an idea of what he looks like, but doesn't do him justice!  He's 3 months older now, and has filled out nicely.

Photo taken in October 2017.

"Sold" ... by "Private Treaty".  And now resides in Vanderhoof.  Thanks again, Connie and Myron.

"Trailblazer" ... photo taken February 16th, 2018

"Hi-Valley Trailblazer 5D"

"Hi-Valley Primo 57D"

"Primo" is a little younger ... born May 28th, 2016, with a birth weight of 78 pounds.  He's out of a "Madison" sired dam, and he's sired by "Bossman".   Should be a good one, and he's double polled.

"Sold folks" ... Thank you, Heather and Dennis Bremner.


"Hi-Valley Primo 57D"

Primo has grown into a nice looking bull.  Dark red in colour, and has a nice temperament.  "Bossman" threw that into his offspring.