Hi-Valley Limousin

Quality Polled Limousin Cattle

Our Herd Sires Past and Present ...
In the early years ...

   In the early years all our breeding was done through A.I. using such bulls as Goldenview Krugerrand, Ruesch's Polled Future and Polled Investment.

"Goldenview Krugerrand"


   Our first  purchased bull was from Nordal Limousin ... his name was "Nordal Double Hit."  We liked him and later bought a second bull that we kept for a number of years ... "Nordal Double Take".  We still have a few of his females in our herd.  He threw good looks, good temperament, calving ease and performance.

 "Nordal Double Take" ... miss this great bull.  (that's Majesty mirrored on his left).




Our next senior herd sire ...

"Sirloin Majesty 53M"

Sire:  Sirloin Kayo     Dam:  Sirloin Julienne

Next ... the perfect cross!

   Then came "Ivy's Secret Service 17S" ... we have the perfect cross here with our "Majesty" females.  We're more than happy with the results ... the females from this mating are very fertile, and the bulls are everything we could have wanted for herdsire candidates.  We're right where we want to be at this time, and look forward to more great offspring to have on offer. 

"Ivy's Secret Service 17S"

Sire:  "TMF Napolean 734N"     Dam:  "Ivy's Polled Princess 1P"

Show Dam of the year ... four times!

"Ivy's Polled Princess 1P"

Secret Service's dam  has great credentials ... "Show Dam of the Year" four times out of six years!!!  

A multi time winner ... and also the dam of Payne's Derby!!!  

"TMF Napolean 734N"

"TMF Napolean 734N"

Here we have Secret Service's sire ... and he's no slouch either!

Stepping into his father's footsteps ... "Hi-Valley Madison 38W"

   Yep ... he's a calving ease bull.  Slender calves at birth ... and then they grow with amazing performance!  Madison is a real standout in the pasture!  His dam was sired by Double Take!

"Hi-Valley Madison 38W" 


Sire:  "Ivy's Secret Service 17S"        Dam:  "Miss Hi-Valley Sabrina 107S"   

Our newest member ... "Ivy Bossman HTZ 2B"

   We couldn't be happier folks ... "Bossman" is going to make the perfect cross with  our females.  He's got it all ... performance ... looks ... and just the best temperament!  Shown here at twenty months old ... out with our yearling heifers and first calf heifers.

"Ivy Bossman HTZ 2B"


Sire:  "Ivy's Marksman HTZ 10Z"        Dam:  "Ivy's You Know It 42Y"

Due to an accident, we lost our "Bossman" too soon ... he will be missed! Through his offspring, we will keep his genetics alive.

"Hi-Valley Handyman 6D"

"Handyman" was sired by "Bossman", and his dam "Shades", was sired by "Timetraveler".  This mix should do well with our females.

"Hi-Valley Handyman 6D"

"Hi-Valley Primetime 14D"

Our boy "Primetime" was sired by "Wulf's Xtractor", and his dam was sired by "Secret Service".  He's proven to throw quality and muscle into his progeny.

"Hi-Valley Primetime 14D"

"Hi-Valley Woodstock 28E"

And here we have "Woodstock" ... our newest addition for breeding in "2019".  Sired by "Bossman" ...and his dam was sired by "TMF Westwood 505W".  She was out of one of our fullbloods, with a different line than our other females.  This guy will be a great cross to most of our cows!

"Hi-Valley Woodstock 28E"
A.I. sires ...

   Using quality semen ... we're now creating different lines in our cowherd.  We have a solid foundation for these great sires and we're more than happy with the results!  We've used a small amount of semen from "CJSL Time Traveler 7051T" ... to start a few blacks in our cowherd and we're happy with the results.  Going heavy on "Wulfs Xtractor" and "TMF Westwood" now ... as the females we've had to date are amazing.

 "Wulf's Xtractor X233X"

 "TMF Westwood 505W"